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Transports to fight hunger

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Militzer & Münch supports the World Food Programme in the fight against famine and delivers food from Tajikistan to regions with vulnerable populations in Afghanistan.

Millions of people in Afghanistan are threatened by hunger. Rising food prices, job cuts and the devaluation of the national currency have led to an increase in the number of vulnerable people in recent years. The World Food Programme (WFP) has been providing nutritional aid to people locally for years, delivering nutrient-enriched and balanced foods to the country. Since 2021, Militzer & Münch has been supporting the humanitarian organization in this endeavor: with food transports from Tajikistan to Afghanistan.

Under the programme, considerable quantities of wheat flour, vegetable oil, and yellow peas are sent on their way every two to three months. In order to cope with the required volume, and to ensure timely and efficient delivery of the goods, Militzer & Münch supplements its own truck fleet to some extent by contracting third-party providers. Thanks to the close cooperation with the sub-contractors, the high quality standards and the specific criteria and guidelines of the WFP can be met at all times.

Effective coordination
Militzer & Münch is also in constant contact with the WFP itself to ensure the smooth coordination of the shipments or to solve problems that might arise, for instance, at the border crossing. Militzer & Münch provided first services to the WFP already in 2018. “In the course of our long-term cooperation, we have built strong and solid relationships with the World Food Programme,” says Aziz Sharipov, Managing Director in Tajikistan. “Our team works closely with WFP representatives and ensures that all necessary protocols are followed. Thus, we are able to meet the organization’s high standards.”