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TransInvest shareholder Werner Albert 80

St. Gallen, January 10, 2020. On January 4, Werner Albert, long time President of the Board and one of the main owners of TransInvest Holding AG, celebrated his 80th birthday. He is regarded as one of the major architects of today’s railway traffics between Europe and China.

In the transport and logistics industry, Albert enjoys international reputation, mainly as the far-sighted supporter of rail transports via the Eurasian land bridge – nowadays the most important overland route between China and Europe with regular container block train traffics China - Central Asia - Europe.

Most recently in his functions as Vice Chairman of the CCTT (International Coordinating Council on Trans-Eurasian Transports) and Honorary Chairman of the GETO (Group of European TransEurasia Operators and Forwarders), Werner Albert actively supported progress, promoted the cooperation of the railway companies involved, and was able to set many developments in motion owing to his competence of decades of work in the sector and the recognition he enjoyed – of which the numerous honors he was awarded here and abroad give ample proof.

His commitment is not only reflected in his long career. Werner Albert always demonstrated generosity in the field of charity, thus for example with support projects for traumatized children in crisis areas.