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The “Werner Albert Football Program”

|   Medien

2 December 2019. The Nepal Youth Program (NYP) is a youth welfare organization operating in the sports and education sectors, regularly offering diverse programs to promote education, health, community and self-determination. In order to honor the generous support Werner Albert gives to youth development and nurturing, the NYP now initiated the “Werner Albert Football Program”.  

The initiative for the Nepal project came from Holger Obermann, a long time TV sports journalist; he laid the foundation for the activities himself when in Nepal. He also took a Nepali team to Tehran, and the PTB Group provided warm jackets to the young players. After the 2014 earth quake, activities were stepped up drastically to offer the youngsters new perspectives and to re-kindle their will to live.  

With such sports programs, for children and teenagers to learn to play football comes as a form of self-help. With the help of pedagogically tested approaches to playing, traumatized children who for instance lost family owing to natural disasters are to win back some “joie de vivre”.

TransInvest shareholder Werner Albert has demonstrated for many years already that he cares for children on the dark side of life. Thus, in the past he also supported the FIFA project “Football for Hope” with donations for football dresses, balls, and also food in different crisis regions. FIFA, the world football association, is committed to promote the rights of children and youth, a society without discrimination, and better health care.

The pictures were taken on November 23 during a Training Camp at Kuleshwor.