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Five questions for Hamdi Süslü

|   InterRail

Hamdi Süslü, started to work as the new business development manager at InterRail Uluslararası Nakliyat ve Lojistik Hizmetler T.A.Ş., Istanbul, in December 2023. Welcome to the team. We asked Hamdi some personal questions.

Where did you start your career?
In 2010, I started my professional career and worked in many sectors. I started my logistics career at Pasifik Eurasia. Before that, I worked as an International Sales Manager in various companies.

I consider a working day successful when …
…I use my time efficiently, successfully finalize the items in my daily plan, and successfully complete pending tasks.

What impresses me most about my job…
… is the successful completion of a job I have started. I am impressed by the dialogues I have with customers and my teammates while finalizing the job and preparing the ground for another job.

If I could go on a trip around the world, these would be my destinations…
It would be the Far Eastern countries because of their cultural differences and rich street flavors. If I need to name a country, I would like to go to South Korea. Apart from that, I would like to visit the northern countries because of their different climates and lifestyles. Again, if I need to name a country, I would love to see Finland.

I have always wanted to ….
… work in a job where I can both spare time for myself and see the results of the work I have started and be motivated by this situation. I have also always wanted to work in an international company with a team of colleagues from all over the world.